Cinema Émétique: Les Films d’Unchi Neko at Sitko Studio

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Projected videos by Unchi Neko felt like, “you were watching your new favorite band.”

We were so excited to host this event as Unchi Neko screened “LOLs Will Tear Us Apart” and LOLs Will Tear Us Apart, Again back to back.  “LOLs…, Again” ended with a 13 minute clip of Penn and Teller’s “no game” video game – of a bus driving through the desert trying to reach???  Las Vegas, home of Penn & Teller???  A proper road-trip film.  Keep an eye out for some upcoming releases by Unchi Neko… a 12″ record from Trilogy Tapes: maybe a book in the works??  and some new films.

Cinema Émétique: Les Films d’Unchi Neko

“Unchi Neko was not a handle, pseudonym or nom de plume. Instead, think of Unchi Neko as an online persona. Perhaps he was a player in a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Reggae Party Ganjathon). His online presence negates geographic habitat. He is someone who existed only in cyberspace. Unchi Neko, and the internet as a whole, is in the elementary stage of establishing its language. We should treat this work, this meme driven schiz-opera, as the wall drawings of an internet caveman. For most people, it’s not simply a case of “you either get it or you don’t”, but more a case of “you either don’t get it or you really don’t get it”.

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Artist’s Side Projects – installation at Sitko Studio

February 12 -13, 2011 Exilo Studio and Sitko Studio presented their first joined open studio event.  A curated collection from each studio featured furniture, art, ceramics, textiles, utensils and accessories.  Overall these two studio’s displayed the range of various artist’s reach: from the dramatic gesture of a photographer designing their first furniture line, to the subtle gesture of  a ceramic artist testing new glaze patterns on simple ceramic forms.  Exilo studio artists and designers include: Noah Albert, Chose General, Louis Gabriel, Alexander Khan, Vanessa Prado and Katie McKay.  Sitko Studio artists and designers included: Joel Otterson, Willem Henri Lucas, Chelsea Novalle, Shoshi Kanokahata, elf-shelf co., utensils by Marcus Perez/Kuan Hwa and Taidgh O’Neil.


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